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MSI Product Launch 2021

 Opening Film

It has been an amazing journey creating this film for MSI. By creating a different aesthetic approach, we refresh the brand image with light installation art, separate MSI from other gaming product videos.

Tech meets aesthetic is the core concept of this project. We use “light” as a character to reinterpret the act of exploration that comes from using technology. Without the existence of technology, we may still be living in the dark. As the light starts to wander in the spaces, it initiates transformation, and triggers the progress. Different colors of the lights represent various emotions. Not only, the light brings out the human side of technology, but it also indicates the possibility of interactions that might occur with the spaces. Now, we lured everyone to join this party.



Role: Creative Director/ Art Director

Produce by Hui Kai Su

Opening Film



Main Film

Product Shots

Behind the Scenes


Full Credits

Client | MSI 微星科技

Produce by Hui Kai Su


Creative Director | 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su

Executive Producer|陳時銘 Thomas Chen

Producer 製片|謝欣玲 Hsing Ling Hsieh

Production Assistant 製片助理|曾子庭 Tz Ting Tseng、張詠絜 Jessie Chang、卓立群 Li Chun Cho




開場形象影片 Opening Film|空集設計 Nulls Design


Director|劉承杰 Jie Liou

Art Director|劉承杰 Jie Liou、蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su

Ideation | 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su

Producer|董建潁 Jhin Dong


Script|劉承杰 Jie Liou

Storyboard|陳婷安 Tingan Chen

Styleframe Design|劉承杰 Jie Liou、陳婷安 Tingan Chen、岳乙宏 Hakurei Neko、洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong

Motion Design|劉承杰 Jie Liou、陳婷安 Tingan Chen、岳乙宏 Hakurei Neko、洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong

Compositing|劉承杰 Jie Liou、陳婷安 Tingan Chen、洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong


Sound Design|了然工作室 Liaulian Studio

邱俊霖 Andy Chiu、黃柏翰 Gregory Huang 


主影片3D場景設計 Main Film 3D Design|空集設計 Nulls Design


Art Director:劉承杰 Jie Liou

Styleframe Design|洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong、劉承杰 Jie Liou




動態影像設計 Motion Graphics

夏埤基 Summer T、温凱翔 Sean Wen




視覺特效 Visual Effects|沸騰了映像有限公司 Film Tailor Visual Effect Studio


專案製作人 Producer|魏如涵 Wei Ru Han

專案管理 Project Manager | 王懷玉 Wang Huai Yu

特效指導 Supervisor|凃維廷 Tu Wei TIng

燈光師 Lighting Artist| 陳雅琪 Chen Ya Qi

鏡頭追蹤Tracking|王欣民 Wang Xin Min 鄧巧聆 Deng Qiao Ling

合成師 Compositor|胡凱傑 Hu Kai Jie  許雅涵 Xu Ya Han  袁長壽 Yuan Chang Shou

剪接師Editor | 游宜展 Winston Yu


視覺特效 Visual Effects / 頑特效影像有限公司 DarkFlame studio


特效專案管理 Visual Effects Project Management|林孝勇 Lin, Hsiao-Yung

特效合成 Compositor|范婕妤 Fan, Jie-Yu 、許祐嘉 Hsu, Yu-Chia

特效協力Compositing Assistant|蔡易錡 Tsai, Yi-Chi、陳姿靜 Chen, Tzu-Ching、楊淞媖 Yang, Song-Ying




調光室 Color Grading|時間軸影像製作有限公司Timeline Studio


後期專案管理 Post Production PM|陳映芳 Chen Ying Fang

調光 Colorist|周佩儀 Penny Chou

調光助理 Color-grading Assistant|郭娟寧 Kou Juan Ning 何冠儀 Ho Kuan Yi




Sound Design | 偉博錄音室 Great-Music Recording Studio


音樂設計 Music Design |  游芷湉 Jhih Tian You

混音製作 Re-recording | 沈冠倫 Jimmy Shen




拍攝團隊 Production Crew 

Cinematographer攝影師|劉書銓 Shane Liu、范勇志 Yung Chih Fann

1st Assistant Camera攝大助|葉辰威 Chen-Wei Yeh

Assistant Cameraman攝影助理|劉易修 Yi Hsiu Liu、陳立祥 Li Hsiang Chen、蕭順源 Shun Yuan Hsiao、張庭瑜 Ting Yu Chang


Gaffer 燈光師|陳賢文 Hsien Wen Chen

Best Boy燈光助理|賴勇元 Yung Yuan Lai、張仲翰 Chung Han Chang、王建銘 Chein Ming Wang、徐瑋彥 Wei Yen Hsu


Production Designer美術指導|鄭鉫叡 RUEI

Art Assistant美術助理|李瑀晏 YUYAN


Costume Designer造型師|李秈穎 Hsien Ying Lee

Costume Assistant造型助理|林辰軒 Chen Hsuan Lin、廖于瑄 Yu Hsuan Liao

Make up & Hair 妝髮|朱玟羽 Wen Yu Chu


On set Sound Mixer 收音師|吳昌盛 Chang Sheng Wu

Sound Assistant收音助理|葉秀能 Hsiu Neng Yeh、許涵晴 Han Qing Xu


Grip 場務|利達數位影音科技股份有限公司 Leader Asia Pacific Creativity Center

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