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Matrix DAO

NFT Project

Thanks to fellow artist Jie Liou invited me to join this incredible project. MatrixDAO is a community-driven research DAO that aims to explore emerging investment opportunities in Web 3.0. We integrate the wisdom and resources of the DAO's members to accelerate our portfolios, shifting the paradigm of crypto investments from venture capital to collaborative contributions from the community.


We worked with Benson Sun to develop the visual branding and NFT passport for MatrixDAO. The NFT passport is designed for 1000 different PFP(Profile Picture) and 10 special editions. Based on the manifesto of MatrixDAO, we define the spirit of this brand as standing for exploring the future of the crypto world. We create future humans and robotics and build a system of sci-fi masks, which represents the anonymity and mystery of crypto.

Role: 3D Concept Artist

Director: Jie Liou

Studio: FPA


2D Traits Rule by Ching Yeh

3D Layout

Final Output by Jie

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