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LOL 12 Anniversary

Event Opening

I am pleased to share insights about my recent involvement in an awesome video project. Huge thanks to the awesome team at FPA for inviting me to direct this one. My responsibility is the ending part of the video and bringing out all the diversity and energy in the game's style and characters. We're creating a whole new visual vibe, breaking away from the usual League of Legends scenes.

One noteworthy aspect of this project was the collaborative effort that spanned international borders. The strategic approach and valuable experiences gained through remote collaboration were truly exceptional. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity for a wider audience to experience the culmination of our efforts in this project.


Client: Riot

Studio: FPA

Role: Director


2D Styleframe
by BinBin & Haocheng Hsu

Character Retouching by Moonshine

Storyboard by Haocheng Hsu

Full Version

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